Lesson Learned: The Value of a Machine Profile

Author:  Jack Champaigne, Editor
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 30, Issue 4, Fall 2016
Doc ID:  2016034
Year of Publication:  2016
Kumar Balan’s article on machine profiles reminded me of a related experience from several years ago. One of our larger customers was retrofitting an old wheel-type peening machine that had MagnaValves. I got a call from their service department asking for assistance because “our MagnaValves weren’t working.” I started asking questions and decided to send a service engineer to get a better idea of what was happening. The first report I got back was discouraging. Chaos prevailed. Valves were flowing different flow rates and it was frustrating that all of the valves couldn’t flow the same amount. It was time to implement a plan.

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