Air-Type Shot-Treatment Machine

Author:  Masatoshi Yamamoto
Source:  US Patent 9,248,547
Doc ID:  2016044
Year of Publication:  2016
The purpose of this invention is to reduce the changes in the conditions of the processing for projecting shots, and to downsize the air-type shot-treatment machine and simplify its structure. An air-type shot-treatment machine comprises a table to hold an article to be processed, wherein the table can rotate the article and lift and lower it, a nozzle to project shots toward the article together with compressed air, wherein the nozzle is fixed so that it is oriented toward the article, and is connected to a pressurized tank by means of a connecting device having a wear-resistant hose, an adjusting device to adjust the quality of shots projected from the nozzle, wherein the adjusting device is disposed at the connecting device, a rotating device to rotate the table, a moving device to lift and lower the table, and a control device to control the adjusting device and the rotating device so that while the table is being rotated, the shots are being projected toward the article to be processed, and, further, to control the moving device so that the table is lifted and lowered.

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