Method for Manufacturing Leaf Springs

Author:  Akira Tange et al.
Source:  US Patent 9,278,387
Doc ID:  2016045
Year of Publication:  2016
A method for producing a leaf spring having a leaf portion and an eye portion formed at the leaf portion including: forming a gap between a leading end of the eye and a facing surface facing the leading end, and shot peening an inner surface of the eye via a reflection member, wherein, at a cross section perpendicular to an axial direction of the eye portion, the leading end of the eye faces the facing surface so a straight line does not cross the leading end of the eye, the straight line connecting an intersection point and a center point of a reflection member surface, the intersection point being the intersection of a line perpendicular to the facing surface extending through an endpoint of the leaf side of the leading end of the eye to the surface.

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