The Parts Are the Wrong Temperature!

Author:  Jack Champaigne | President | Electronics Inc.
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 31, Issue 1, Winter 2017
Doc ID:  2017006
Year of Publication:  2017
I have many stories and one of my favorites is a fascinating lesson in listening. Several years ago, while touring a customer’s facility, I kept overhearing telephone conversations that seemed to be related. One of my customer’s customers was upset because the belt for their bucket elevator had to be replaced for the second time. The machine was supposedly fitted with a high-temperature conveyor belt and suddenly it was going down. The scramble was on to review the sales orders and shipping papers. The paperwork proved that, in fact, a high-temperature bucket conveyor belt was on the machine. A little later I overheard two employees talking about the crazy thing the operator had reported. The machine operator said the parts were not coming out of the machine at the right temperature. That’s when I thought “I’m staying around for a while. This is getting really interesting.”

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