Analysis of Shot Peening Blast by Particle Tracking and Digital Image Correlation

Author:  Kubler R., Rotinat R., Badreddine J., Puydt Q.
Source:  ICSP-13
Doc ID:  2017061
Year of Publication:  2017
Introduction and Objectives: Shot peening process is generally controlled by Almen intensity and coverage rate measurements. The results of the shot peening surface treatment depend on the process parameters (type of machine, nozzle, shot type, mass flow, velocity, impact angle) and on the properties of the treated parts (material behaviour, roughness). Previous studies have investigated the control of shot peening via measurement of the global flow characteristics [1, 2, 3]. Developing experimental methods to characterize a particle flux is useful to obtain the contact conditions of the shot peening process (location, velocity vector) on any interesting geometry. Using a high speed camera, this study aims at the analysis of the flux of shots ahead of the nozzle of a shot peening machine. In this study two set of process parameters are investigated: S1: P= 1 bar, D=3 kg/min S2: P= 1 bar, D=13 kg/min Quantitative evolution of the particle velocity and density in the flux is studied.

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