Ultrasonic Peening: Dynamics of Multi-Stricker Impact Tool

Author:  M.Ganiev, I.Gafurov, I.Ganiev, I.Vagapov
Source:  ICSP-13
Doc ID:  2017127
Year of Publication:  2017
Introduction Ultrasonic peening is a promising technology for improving the reliability of welded joints, especially their fatigue resistance. This method employs a multi-striker hand tool with free needlelike intermediate strikers placed in a gap between the ultrasonic vibrator and a specimen [1]. The ultrasonic peening technology is a logical continuation of well-known techniques for surface plastic deformation. The fatigue tests [1,2] showed that ultrasonic peening is the most efficient technique for a post-weld treatment as compared to shot peening, hammer peening, TIG-dressing, deep rolling [3], etc. Despite the fact that the mechanism of the ultrasonic peening is well understood [1], some important features remain unclear. In particular, there is contradictory information about the frequency of oscillation of the striker in the gap: oscillation at the carrier frequency, subharmonic oscillations and non-periodic (random) impacts were observed [2].

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