Finite Element Simulation of Peen Forming Process for Integral Panel with Dihedral Shape

Author:  X. Huang, Y. S. Zeng
Source:  ICSP-13
Doc ID:  2017137
Year of Publication:  2017
Abstract: Large integral stiffened panels are the main frame parts, which are widely used in modern aircraft and aerospace industry. Shot peen forming is a kind of process to form large integral wing skin panels of modern aircraft, which utilizes a stream of small hard shots with high velocity hitting the surface of the panel to form a specific shape. In this paper, the equivalent thermal loading method has been used to simulate peen forming process, in which produce equivalent deformation with bending moment and stretching on the cross section. Based on Almen C strip experiment, the relationships between the equivalent thermal loads and the process parameters are quantitatively constructed. Finally, an integral panel has been simulated. A desired dihedral shape is obtained by optimizing the peening area and peening intensity with FEM. The finial simulated shape of the integral panel is in agreement with that of the target shape. These results show that shot peen forming process can be simulated by using thermal loads according to the rule of equivalent deformation, which provide significant guidance to the process parameters optimization and predication in practical production.

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