Shot Peen Forming on Aluminum Alloy Saddle Shape Integral Panels with Stiffeners

Author:  Mingtao Wang, Yuansong Zeng, Xuepiao Bai, Xia Huang
Source:  ICSP-13
Doc ID:  2017138
Year of Publication:  2017
Abstract: Pre-stress shot peen forming is an effective plastic forming method for integral panels with stiffeners used in aeronautical industry. 1-stiffener 7B50 aluminum alloy panels and 3- stiffeners panels were pre-stress peen formed. The saddle shape deformation law of those workpieces was investigated. The results reveal that the contribution of peening parameters on 1- stiffener panel deformation is in following order: moving velocity of workpiece, air pressure and pre-load stress. The regression formula about the quantitative relationship between radius of curvature and peening parameters has been established. Moreover, with the proper elastic prestress loading and processing parameters, the integral panels with stiffeners can be formed to saddle shape by peening towards two directions. Furthermore, the spanwise bending deformation degree of panel after pre-stress shot peen forming is basic consistent with the regression formula which could afford some reference to peen forming future complex shape panels with stiffeners.

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