An Energetic Approach to Predict the Effect of Shot Peening Based Surface Treatments

Author:  Ramin Ghelichi, Giorgio Crispiatico, Mario Guagliano and Sara Bagherifard Politecnico di Milano, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Milan, Italy
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 32, Issue 3, Summer 2018
Doc ID:  2018036
Year of Publication:  2018
ABSTRACT: Almen intensity and surface coverage are well-known to be the defining parameters of shot peening based surface treatments. These parameters are directly affected by material properties, the extension of the contact zone, the geometry of the impact pair as well as impact rate and velocity. These intricate relations have resulted in often dissimilar predictions of shot peening effects even while using identical combination of Almen intensity and surface coverage. With the introduction of new generation of impact based surface treatments, there is a need to find a more widespread parameter that would facilitate direct comparison of all different treatments and relate the main process parameters with the resultant mechanical characteristics. Herein, we propose to use an energy based parameter to describe the peening process as a more universal approach, which incorporates collectively the effects of Almen intensity, surface coverage as well as diameter, material, and velocity of the impact media. A set of finite element analysis was developed to demonstrate the correlation of peening process effects with this energetic approach. Comparison with experimental data also confirmed that the proposed method could provide a quite good estimation of the effect of peening parameters on the treated material.

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