What Really Matters to Your Shot Peening Process

Author:  Kumar Balan
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 32, Issue 4, Fall 2018
Doc ID:  2018042
Year of Publication:  2018
Introduction: Going back in time to the first shot peening workshop I attended, Jack Champaigne asked the question, “How does shot peening work?” He responded to his own question with “works very well”! After almost three decades in this industry, I’ve learnt that Jack’s lighthearted response has considerable depth. Critical components peened properly assure me that I won’t be food for the sharks when flying over the Pacific or stuck by the roadside holding a broken connecting rod from my car that cracked due to fatigue! These are common application/ industry examples and shot peening has propagated to many industries outside of Aerospace and Automotive and it continues to grow in importance. Over the years, we’ve had several discussions about specification conformance, process controls, equipment design, maintenance, retrofits and training. With that background, I believe it’s now a good time to narrow down aspects that users of peening equipment consider key in maintaining an efficient shot peening process.

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