Innovative Clemco Employees Improve Efficiency

Author:  Lane Barnholtz | Corporate Communications Specialist
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 33, Issue 4, Fall 2019
Doc ID:  2019045
Year of Publication:  2019
It’s Friday 2 p.m., and the weekend begins in 30 minutes for the 50 or so Clemco welders, assemblers, part handlers, and other plant employees who are sitting in the front office’s main conference room. But today, like every Friday for the past half-year, the manufacturing team meets to screen their latest 2 Second Lean videos. In a nutshell, 2 Second Lean is a business philosophy that promotes efficiency. 2 Second Lean encourages all employees to share ideas that can shave wasted time from production, even if only by two seconds, and then video their ideas. On a typical Friday, the Clemco manufacturing team watches 6 to 12 of their coworkers’ videos to see the time-saving ideas they’ve implemented.

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