2019 Shot Peener of the Year Kelly McClurg

Author:  Kathy Levy, Associate Editor
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 34, Issue 1, Winter 2020
Doc ID:  2020002
Year of Publication:  2020
Announcing the winner of “The Shot Peener of the Year” award is a U.S. Shot Peening and Blast Cleaning Workshop tradition. It was an especially fun event this year because Kelly McClurg is a workshop instructor and was sitting in the audience. Since 1992, The Shot Peener magazine has given the award to individuals in our industry that have made significant contributions to the advancement of shot peening. “Kelly is a rising star in our industry that deserves recognition for all she has already accomplished. Her work in Ultrasonic Shot Peening has helped establish it as a viable tool in aviation repair and maintenance. In addition, she gives back to the industry through teaching and taking an active part in SAE committees,” said Jack Champaigne. Jack is the Editor of The Shot Peener magazine and he presents the annual award at the workshop.

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