Tribal Knowledge

Author:  Jack Champaigne, Editor
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 34, Issue 4, Fall 2020
Doc ID:  2020032
Year of Publication:  2020
THANKS TO KUMAR BALAN for sharing what he learned from “Tribal Lore.” This prompted me to reflect on my own stories. On-the-job training is often the only introduction to peening practices for a new hire. Depending upon the skill level of the mentor, this could be okay but sometimes things can go wrong. I remember an incident many years ago when I received a call for help from a new hire trying to get a higher peening intensity on a glass bead peening project. I went through all the normal metrics of media classification, nozzle size, blast hose wear, air pressure and media flow rates but just could not achieve the desired results. I was very frustrated that I could not figure out the problem. Records showed that the required intensity had been achieved for many years. Something drastic was wrong but what was it? Surprise. It was Pinocchio. None of the predecessors had been able to reach the intensity but not wanting to upset the quality system, they recorded false data. Someone forgot to tell the new hire. Sometimes tribal lore can be very dangerous.

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