Tribal Knowledge in the Blast Industry - Part Two

Author:  Kumar Balan
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 35, Issue 1, Winter 2021
Doc ID:  2021007
Year of Publication:  2021
LOOKING AHEAD FROM PART 1 I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of our discussions in the Fall 2020 edition of The Shot Peener. The feedback from the global shot peening community was quite encouraging. It is either the pandemic that has afforded folks more time to read magazines or a genuine stoking of their nostalgia that the article partly intended to do! Regardless, it was enough impetus to prompt re-visiting this topic! In Part 1, we discussed the importance of velocity and tried characterizing the magic number of 240 feet per second that we were familiar within the industry. My four retired colleagues that contributed to the article’s content had a variety of other information to share from the “tribe”, but velocity being such a profound topic, I got lost in the depth of that discussion, necessitating a sequel to Part 1.

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