Tribal Knowledge in the Blast Industry Part Four

Author:  Kumar Balan
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 35, Issue 3, Summer 2021
Doc ID:  2021025
Year of Publication:  2021
KNOWLEDGE IS UBIQUITOUS Our discussions here are my attempts at provoking thoughts of operating effectiveness among the most important audience— you, the user of cleaning and peening equipment. Therefore, I start Part Four by acknowledging that in addition to the role played by industry colleagues, end-users too have greatly contributed to the development of tribal knowledge. I share this personal experience to validate my statement. As some of you are aware, the foundry sector uses wheelblast machines quite extensively in their finishing operations. Globally, foundries strive to reach the ultimate (some might even call utopian) goal of minimizing wear rate on blast wheel parts, decreasing their cycle time and maximizing productivity while reining in their operating costs. Unfortunately, the presence of highly abrasive sand in the castings being cleaned makes that task difficult to achieve. Proper design of the airwash separator is one of the critical elements towards reaching this goal. Later in this article, we will discuss the capacity of airwash separators and sand loading.

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