The New PeenSolver Pro

Author:  Dave Barkley, Bryan Chevrie and Kenneth Derucki
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 35, Issue 4, Fall 2021
Doc ID:  2021037
Year of Publication:  2021
THE PEENING WORLD needs curve solver programs to make determining intensity easier. Many people use Dr. Kirk’s Saturation Curve Solver (SCS) Templates. The newly released Version 10 of Kirk’s Solver added some great features but it didn’t eliminate the need for Microsoft Excel. Since some people don’t have Excel, or only have access to a mobile device, Electronics Inc. (EI) introduced the free-to-use webapp ( in 2017. The webapp is great for quickly determining intensity but doesn’t have a lot of features and requires access to the internet. Enter the PeenSolver Pro (PSP) Windows 10 curve solver program. Using the powerful MATLAB® engine, it’s a full-featured standalone curve solver program. The experience of seeing many different process setups helped our team develop new exclusive features for the PeenSolver Pro. Process quality can be checked by calculating the percentage between actual arc height measurements and curve values. You can also select which equation the program uses to generate the curve, or let the program decide. Here’s a full list of PeenSolver Pro’s features.

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