Clemco Employee Refurbishing a Half-Century-Old ZERO Blast Cabinet

Author:  Lane Barnholtz | Senior Editor | Clemco Industries Corp.
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 35, Issue 4, Fall 2021
Doc ID:  2021042
Year of Publication:  2021
“It needs a makeover, new gloves, and a new view window,” says Clemco Quality Assurance Inspector Eric Brukerhoff of his new ZERO® BNP-270 Blast Cabinet, “but then it will be ready to go.” Since 1969, students at a Missouri career center had been blasting with the cabinet as part of their coursework. The school, however, recently purchased two ZERO BNP-220s and no longer needed the 51-year-old cabinet, so Eric inquired about the school’s plan for it.

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