Back to Basics - Advances in Shot Peening

Author:  Dr. David Kirk | Coventry University
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 36, Issue 2, Spring 2022
Doc ID:  2022016
Year of Publication:  2022
INTRODUCTION Shot peening has advanced steadily since its first introduction. This article concentrates on the advances made in the last forty years. Those advances have allowed shot peening to become the smart technological process that it is today. Most of the advances would not have been possible without the corresponding explosion of computing power and availability of sophisticated computer software. The overall objective is to present a coherent account of the most important, and relatively recent, advances in shot peening. Every advance can be viewed as satisfying a perceived need. For example, intensity measurement used to be very subjective, with different values being quoted by different individuals. The need was for a technique that reduced this measurement variability. Computer-based methods have satisfied this need.

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