I Wish My Machine Did This

Author:  Kumar Balan
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 36, Issue 3, Summer 2022
Doc ID:  2022024
Year of Publication:  2022
WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PROCESS? If it seems like I am starting this discussion on a negative note, I urge you to re-construct this question as, “what would I like this process to be?” By process, I am referring to blast cleaning, shot peening, grit blasting and all such associated applications that you are involved with. In here, we have all accepted the inevitability of dust and media leakage, noise, and unanticipated maintenance to be part of this process. However, these undesirable characteristics need not prevent us from dreaming of what it could be. Our discussion here is to give life to some of these “wishes,” learn why they are important to the end user and test their viability in production conditions.

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