Back to Basics: Accuracy of Shot Peening Measurements

Author:  Dr. David Kirk | Coventry University
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 36, Issue 3, Summer 2022
Doc ID:  2022025
Year of Publication:  2022
INTRODUCTION Accuracy of shot peening measurements is a very basic requirement. Three factors comprise a reasoned approach to accuracy. These are: 1. Assumption 2. Precision 3. Bias Consider, as an example, an analogue wristwatch. It is a fair assumption that it will be reasonably accurate because watchmaking is so very well-established. The precision will largely depend on whether or not it has a seconds hand. A large bias will occur if we travel between time zones without correction. Over time, a small bias will develop—assuming the watch is not radio-controlled. Usually, the more expensive the watch the slower will be the rate of this “creeping bias”. This article considers the implication of the three factors—assumption, precision and bias— on the accuracy of shot peening measurements.

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