Introducing the Aviation Related Shot Peening Forum in Europe

Author:  Ralf Zimmermann | Airfoil Shot Peening | MTU Maintenance
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 36, Issue 4, Fall 2022
Doc ID:  2022034
Year of Publication:  2022
A FEW WORDS of introduction: I am Ralf Zimmermann and I am the Level 3 for Airfoil Shot Peening at MTU Maintenance in Hannover, Germany. I joined MTU in 2002 and so I will celebrate the 20th anniversary this year. I am a member of the forum and I want to present what the forum does, what it did in the past, and what it will do in the future. WHO WE ARE To keep it short, I will use ARSPF instead of “Aviation Related Shot Peening Forum”. We are a group of Level 3 shot peener and process engineers in the aviation industry and our community grew up over the last six years. It's not an exclusive group and we meet without any commercial background. It is an open discussion forum about shot peening and the technology, experience and knowledge behind it. For sure we are all more or less competitors but in matters of shot peening we share our expertise. All the current members are closely connected to aviation but we are not limited to this.

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