A New 3D Surface Characterization Method Is More Quantitative and Reproducible Than Traditional Peening Metrology

Author:  J. Wheeler, K. Brown, and E. Novak 4D Technology Corporation, 3280 E. Hemisphere Loop, Tucson, AZ 85706, USA
Source:  ICSP14 Milan
Doc ID:  2022049
Year of Publication:  2022
Current metrology methods of shot peened surfaces have many shortcomings. 2D stylus methods are directionally sensitive, can’t measure corners or edges, often difficult to setup, and offer small overall coverage. 3D microscopes have high resolution and good areal coverage but lack on portability and can take significant time to capture a single data point. This paper presents a highresolution, extremely portable 3D optical measurement system for comprehensive, accurate, fast shop floor assessment of shot peen coverage. A variety of component measurements will be presented along with studies on accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility in real-world environments.

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