Analytical-Numerical Model to predict CRS created by Inner Shot Peening Applied on Small ID Tubes

Author:  F. Martinez-Guerrero1, M.G. Ortiz-Lopez2 1 CIATEQ, Postgraduate Advanced Manufacturing, San Luis Potosí, Mexico 2 U. Politécnica SLP, San Luis Potosí, México
Source:  ICSP14 Milan
Doc ID:  2022056
Year of Publication:  2022
In this work as main aim, the process parameters of inner shot peening by air-blast process combined with special nozzles are analyzed. To guarantee a flow direction, diverting features are used to peen the inner surface of tubular small complex geometry elements with uniform results. The analytical relationships between them are developed and coupled to existing analytical compressive residual stress and Almen Intensity prediction models in order that, by numerical calculation, the resulting process profiles could be used in early stages of product/process development or for the improvement of currently running set-ups. Keywords Surface treatment, tubular components, inner shot peening, analytical modelling, nozzles for inner shot peening, compressive residual stress profile, Almen intensity

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