Fatigue performance at 550°C of shot peened and oxidized Inconel 718 additively manufactured by Laser-Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF)

Author:  Charles Bianchettia, Pascale Kanouté a, Louise Toualbia a DMAS, ONERA, Université Paris Saclay, F92322, Chatillon, France – [email protected]
Source:  ICSP14 Milan
Doc ID:  2022063
Year of Publication:  2022
As-machined, shot peened, oxidized, and shot peened-oxidized samples were fatigue tested at elevated temperature. Shot peening increases fatigue life by 6. Fractographic analyses reveal that cracks mostly initiate on lack of fusion. For the as-machined and oxidized samples, cracks are located at the surface or subsurface within a 120 μm depth range. While for the shot peened samples, cracks are located subsurface at about 850 μm depth. Finally, results show that oxidation does not affect fatigue life even after shot peening. Keywords Shot peening, Additive manufacturing, fatigue, high temperature, IN718

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