Using Laser Shock Peening to Enhance Metallic Additive Manufacturing

Author:  Sanin Zulića, Sunil Pathaka, Michael Fitzmireb, Ebrahim Asadib, Jan Kaufmana, Vojislav Petrovićc, Fernando Gustavo Warchomickad, Marek Boehma, Ondrej Stranskya, Benjamin, Meierc, Jan Brajera a HiLASE Centre, Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sc
Source:  ICSP14 Milan
Doc ID:  2022076
Year of Publication:  2022
Keywords: Additive Manufacturing, Laser Shock Peening, Fatigue Life Improvement, Surface Integrity Improvement Abstract: In the present work, the effects of laser shock peening on mechanical properties of metal additive manufacturing parts made of SS 304L, SS 316L, AlMg10Si, and Ti6Al4V were discussed. The samples were evaluated for residual stress, microstructure, computed tomography scanning, and/or fatigue life testing. All the measurements/testings were carried out on the As-Built and LSP treated samples and the results were compared

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