Fine, Hard, and High Density Ceramic Beads for Shot Peening

Author:  D. Bouttes1, L. Zhou2, F. Wiss3 and A.-L. Beaudonnet3 1 Saint-Gobain Research Provence, Cavaillon, France 2 Saint-Gobain Research Shanghai, Shanghai, China 2 Saint-Gobain SEPR, Le Pontet, France
Source:  ICSP14 Milan
Doc ID:  2022079
Year of Publication:  2022
Abstract We investigate the use of new high density, fine, and hard ceramic beads for shot peening. By studying the effect of such media on a series of representative alloys, we show that they can impart very efficiently intense residual stresses, especially at the surface. Due the higher hardness of the media compared to the treated alloys – even carburized steel – this efficient modification of the sub-surface is accompanied by a roughness modification that is strongly dependent on the intensity of the treatment. The combination of the intense residual stresses and controlled surface topography modification brings some new opportunities for improving the shot peening process of different alloys. Keywords Fine shot peening, ceramic shot, roughness, residual stress

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