Cavitation Peening Using a Submerged Water Jet and a Pulsed Laser Comparing with Shot Peening

Author:  H. Soyama1 1 Department of Finemechanics, Tohoku University, Japan
Source:  ICSP14 Milan
Doc ID:  2022087
Year of Publication:  2022
Abstract Improvement of fatigue strength treated by cavitation peening, in which cavitation impact at bubble collapse is utilized for peening, was demonstrated by using a plane bending fatigue test comparing with shot peening and non-peened. In the present paper, a submerged water jet and a pulsed laser were used for cavitation peening. Stainless steel SUS316L, aluminum alloy A2024-T3 and magnesium alloy AZ31B were treated by cavitation peening and shot peening. It was revealed that the best improvement of the fatigue strength comparing with non-peened was 25% for SUS316L by cavitation peening using the jet, 42% for A2024-T3 by cavitation peening using the laser and 55% for AZ31B by cavitation peening using the laser. Keywords cavitation peening, submerged jet, pulsed laser, fatigue strength.

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