Size and Shape Characterization for Shot-Peening Impingement Models

Author:  Paul Mort, Langdon Feltner, Mark Gruninger and David Bahr Purdue University Department of Materials Engineering, Center for Surface Engineering Enhancement (CSEE)
Source:  ICSP14 Milan
Doc ID:  2022091
Year of Publication:  2022
Abstract Size and shape characterization of shot is used to develop an impingement model that accounts for the effect of impact momentum and radius of curvature at the point of peening impact. The model parameters include the shot particle’s size-dependent mass, shape-dependent radius of curvature (ROC), and a probability function for ROC selection based on possible orientations of the shot particle. The ROC model is based on shape archetypes of cast and cut-wire shot which are calculated based on relatively simple features obtained from 2D dynamic image analysis.

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