Peening Intensity and Coverage Estimated by Simulation for Automotive Coil Spring

Author:  J. Shin1, Y. Yoon2 1 R&D Center, Youngwire, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea 2 Solution Lab, Daejon-si, Republic of Korea
Source:  ICSP14 Milan
Doc ID:  2022093
Year of Publication:  2022
Abstract The peening intensity and coverage is simulated by DEFORM® for the conventional shot peening facilities. Peening facilities are selected by two types; the one is the horizontal-type and the spring is free to move through the shot tunnel. The other is the turret-type and the spring is under the compression. Those facilities are conventionally used for the coil spring industry. Amen® strip is attached in the coil spring to measure the arc height and coverage under the current peening parameters. Passing the several springs with the strips into the peening tunnel or turret, the arc height and intensity will be measured and evaluated whether the peening parameters are adequate for the coil spring quality assurance. Typically, those facilities are very huge and therefore hard to freely change or optimize the peeing parameters. Instead, computer analysis model can be a useful and powerful tool. In this paper, the peening process are modelled and the results are compared with the measured data to show the validity of the simulation. Keywords Automotive Coil Spring, Peening Intensity, Peening Coverage, DEFORM®

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