Introducing the LM Series MagnaValves LM1000-24 and LM2000-24

Author:  Kathy Levy, Associate Editor
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 37, Issue 1, Winter 2023
Doc ID:  2023003
Year of Publication:  2023
ELECTRONICS INC. (EI) is introducing their newest valves—the LM1000-24 and LM2000-24 steel shot MagnaValves for wheelblast machines. These valves are an addition to the popular low-profile MagnaValve® family. The following are some of the benefits of the new valves. Built-In Air Aspiration Inlet (Patent Pending) The LM1000-24 and LM2000-24 MagnaValve have an aspiration air inlet built into the valve body. An air inlet is necessary in almost all wheel applications to prevent media leaking through the MagnaValve when the valve is off and the wheel is running. This problem is typically discovered after machine assembly and requires costly changes.

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