The New PeenSolver Pro™

Author:  James Kernan | Materials Engineer / NadcapSM Auditor / Shot and Flapper Peening Instructor
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 37, Issue 1, Winter 2023
Doc ID:  2023007
Year of Publication:  2023
I OPENED the PeenSolver Pro™ from my desktop and was impressed right from the start. It has a smooth interface showing the Process Settings, Almen Strips, Saturation Curve, and Intensity Verification all on the main page. I went to the Help tab on the top left and opened the Instructions. After starting to read, I realized it was good to get familiar with the PeenSolver, but to us shot and flapper peeners, the software is self-explanatory. Some awesome points of the software include doing either Conventional Shot Peening or Rotary Flapper Peening, use of five (5) different Curve Type AMS2597 compliant algorithms to calculate the Saturation Curve, adding an error limit to highlight Arc Heights way off the Saturation Curve, and adding the Intensity Verification tolerance limit which will automatically tell you if you are within the tolerance limit (you don’t have to do the math or get your calculator out). You can also add as many locations as needed to the same file and view multiple Saturation Curves at once.

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