Stress Field Modeling in Context of Industrial Shot Peening

Author:  Langdon Feltner and Paul Mort | Purdue University
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 37, Issue 3, Summer 2023
Doc ID:  2023023
Year of Publication:  2023
Abstract The compressive stress field imparted by shot peening has distributed surface and depth profiles relating to media characteristics and impact conditions. While the average surface stress and depth profile may be consistent over a large area, variability depends on the local scale of scrutiny—for example, in relation to a feature size of the part being treated, or size of peening media. In this paper, we analyze datasets obtained from finite element modeling of peening with media having experimentally-measured size and shape distributions, with detailed attention to the variance of the stress fields over a range of reference scales. Industrial shot peening – a distributed process Considering industrial shot peening as a distributed set of discrete impacts, one can assess stress field uniformity based on spatial and temporal variation of surface impacts during the peening process. Fundamentally, shot peening is a stochastic process, with thousands of individual particles impacting each part in random positions (Miao et al., 2009). While the resulting surface stress may be fairly uniform averaged over the full part, the local variability of the stress field increases as the scale of scrutiny approaches the shot size. In this paper, we consider the systematic analysis of stress field averaging and quantification of its scale-dependent variability.

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