Analyzing What We Know - Part 2

Author:  Kumar Balan | Blast Cleaning and Shot Peening Specialist
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 37, Issue 3, Summer 2023
Doc ID:  2023025
Year of Publication:  2023
Opportunities arising from new developments In Part 1 of our discussions in the spring edition of The Shot Peener, we discussed four topics of varying familiarity in blast cleaning and shot peening. We explored the effect of shot hardness on the resulting intensity and the possibility of increasing intensity without affecting coverage rate which is the case with the use of larger peening media. We debated the potential damage that broken media and unconditioned particles of cut wire could cause on the part surface. We suggested alternate means of validating peening intensity rather than Almen strips. Finally, we touched upon the subject of reclaim system efficiency—a discussion that is not often prevalent among users of shot peening equipment. These topics were chosen for their ability to generate a transfer of ideas that will be useful during an operational crisis such as when investigating foreign object damage on a peened component, or a new component requiring a higher intensity without sacrificing coverage rate, and so on. My hope and expectation are that this discussion will help the reader apply such possibilities before a crisis attains critical mass.

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