Nanofluids: Bringing Nanotechnology to CNC Machining

Author:  Kathy Levy | Associate Editor | The Shot Peener Magazine
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 38, Issue 1, Winter 2024
Doc ID:  2024004
Year of Publication:  2024
NANOFLUIDS are a new class of coolants that have a carrier liquid, such as water, that are dispersed with nanoparticles. These nanoparticles enhance the heat transfer capabilities of the resulting coolant compared to the carrier liquid alone.1 Tool-X is a brand of a nanofluid additive for metalworking fluids that contains trillions of carbon-based nano-onions in solution. Nano-onions are carbon-based nanostructures composed of multiple concentric shells of fullerenes. A fullerene is a form of carbon having a large spheroidal molecule consisting of a hollow cage of atoms. When used in conjunction with metalworking fluids, these fluid-saturated nano-onions flow between a tool and workpiece to change the characteristics of the metal-working action. The result is longer-lasting tools that cut truer, with more precision, and with less force required than with conventional metalworking fluids. In addition, reworks, tool sharpening, and deburring steps can be reduced or eliminated.

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