Characterization of Particle Size and Shape Distributions for Shot Peening Media

Author:  Purdue University, School of Materials Engineering |
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 38, Issue 2, Spring 2024
Doc ID:  2024011
Year of Publication:  2024
ABSTRACT Characterizing and controlling particle size and shape distributions of shot media are fundamental to ensuring the success of the peening process. A combination of material knowledge, process expertise, and quality control measures are required to achieve consistent and reliable results. Technical advances in dynamic imaging of particulate matter have enabled routine sampling and analysis of particle size and shape distributions. This article discusses progress toward developing industryready specifications for media size and shape distributions. 1. INTRODUCTION The relationship between the size distribution of steel shot and the residual stress field generated by shot peening is a critical aspect of the process. The residual stress field contributes to mechanical properties and performance of treated parts such as springs, axles, and gears. Size and shape distributions of shot media directly affect the impact energy and contact stress in the peening process. This paper discusses measurement and specification of size and shape characteristics as they apply to as-manufactured and in-use media. Further opportunities include the use of size and shape descriptors in model-based process control and optimization.

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