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Author:  Q & A Forum | www.shotpeener.com/forums
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 38, Issue 2, Spring 2024
Doc ID:  2024012
Year of Publication:  2024
THE Q & A FORUM at www.shotpeener.com is the ideal place to get advice on a wide range of topics from industry leaders and colleagues from around the world that have tackled and solved your challenges. The topics include: • Shot Peening Process, Intensity, Coverage • Specifications • Equipment, Machines, Accessories • Abrasive Blast Cleaning Process • Media, Shot, Beads, etc. • Ask Dr. Peener You don’t need to register to browse the forum. If you would like to post a question or respond to a post, however, you need to register and it’s very simple to do. The following are a sampling of the forum’s posts. Maybe you will find an answer here to an issue you are facing.

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