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aircraft brakesQ. As we know intensity is independent of time, but coverage not. I recently read a process spec … in which it seems to say that peening time affects intensity. What do you think about this quote?

A1. Peening intensity is independent of time but peening intensity measurement depends on time – arc hieght which increases by 10% when the peening time is doubled. The specification may have intended … read more

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2017 Shot Peener of the Year - Electronics Inc. Dominic Cimino Named 2017 Shot Peener of the YearDominic Cimino, Regional Manager of the North America Shot Peening Group for Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies, received “The Shot Peener of the Year” award for two reasons. The first reason is his substantial contributions to the advancement of peen forming and shot peening. The second reason is because he was nominated by not one, but four […]
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