Methode De La Fleche Methods De La Source Des Contraintes Residuelles

Author:  Niku-Lari, A.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-1, (p.237-247)
Doc ID:  1981051
Year of Publication:  1981
Two methods of stress analysis are discussed. The so-called bending deflection method is a measurement procedure while machining away successive layers of metal. Its simplicity of use and numerous potential applications in industry make it a valuable procedure. Its sensitivity allows the determination of the stress gradient changes under the influence of minor modifications in treatment conditions. The so-called stress source method implies modelizing of the residual stress formation phenomena. For the case of shot-peening (A1 AG3 and steel SC70) the model developed at CETIM gave way to simple formulas for the calculation of the max. stress and the surface stresses with good approximation. Based upon these formulas, charts have been drawn for shot peening which allow the direct determination of these stresses when the following parameters have been measured: deflection of specimen after shot peening and depth of plastically deformed layer of metal. Descriptors: Aluminum base alloys-- Mechanical properties; Carbon steels-- Mechanical properties; Stress analaysis; Shot peening; Residual stress

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