Technical Aspects Of Shot Peening Machinery And Media

Author:  Plaster, H. J.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-1, (p. 83-94)
Doc ID:  1981067
Year of Publication:  1981
Among the popular shot peening media are cast iron shot, steel shot, cut wire shot, glass beads, ceramic beads and stainless steel shot. There are three systems of using compressed air in shot peening machines, in which the shot is projected from a blast nozzle: induction-syphon method, induction-gravity method and direct pressure. The main advantage of the compressed air method is the flexibility of targeting the blast nozzle. In centrifugal shot peening the abrasive can be gravity fed either to the wheel blades or to the center of the wheel. Principles of wheel design, wheel blades, control cage, feed impellers, shot separation and grading, shot replenishing and the required instrumentation are discussed. Descriptors: Shot peening; Surface hardening; Particles; Impellers; Abrasives

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