Effects Of Multiple Shot Peening/cadmium Plating Cycles On High Strength Steel

Author:  Kohls, Cammett, Gunder
Source:  Metcut Research Assoc., Inc.
Doc ID:  1982005
Year of Publication:  1982
A study was made of the effects of multiple shot-peening and Cd plating operations on high-strength AISI 4340 steel used in aircraft landing-gear applications. No detrimental effects were observed on surface microstructure and tensile properties or on fatigue and unnotched stress corrosion resistance in high-humidity air. An apparent degradation in stress corrosion life of fatigue precracked specimens was observed after four and five peening and plating operations. Descriptors: Nickel chromium molybdenum steels-- Mechanical properties; Cadmium plating; Shot peening; Tensile properties; Landing gear; Fatigue (materials); Stress corrosion cracking

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