Behavior Of Peen-formed Steel Strip On Isochronal Annealing

Author:  Kirk, D.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-2, (p.231-236)
Doc ID:  1984004
Year of Publication:  1984
X-ray residual stress measurements and precision curvature measurements were made on rectangular steel strips that had been peen-formed and then subjected to different isochronal annealing treatments. The initial surface residual stress and curvature levels were substantially greater for the transverse than for the longitudinal direction. Relief of both curvature and residual stress occurred that increased with temperature up to 400 Deg C. No further relief was observed above this temperature. The relief of curvature reached 52% for the transverse direction and 40% for the longitudinal direction as compared to more than 95% of the residual stress. An anomalous effect was found for annealing at 425 Deg C. Descriptors: Peen-forming; Residual stress, Isochronal annealing; Stress relief

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