Selected Examples On The Topography Of Shot Peened Metal Surfaces

Author:  Kohler, W. and Hornauer, K.-P.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-3, (p.269-277)
Doc ID:  1987075
Year of Publication:  1987
Shot peening of metal surfaces produces different topographies according to the application. The structure is essentially determined by the kind of peening media. However, the hardness of the peened metal and the peening parameters such as velocity of peening media and number of surface collisions are of important influence. These relations are demonstrated in the following survey by series of selected examples. In addition the limits of shot peening treatment are discussed. The different surface patterns after shot peening can be shown up distinctly by scanning electron microscopy. Application of round uniform peening media produces an uniform looking surface. However, if the bead velocity is chosen too high or the quantity of shot per area and therefore the coverage is too high, differently destroyed surfaces are produced. Broken parts of the shot yield an irregular furrowed peened surface which is not desired. If sharp edged rests of shot are present it is possible that small particles of the shot remain in the peened metal surface.

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