The Fatigue Behaviour, Residual Stresses and Microstructure of Carburized and Shot Peened Layer

Author:  Aleksander Nakonieczny
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-5, (p.140-148)
Doc ID:  1993067
Year of Publication:  1993
The investigations were made with steel Cr-Ni-Mn, used for carburizing. The steel was carburized with various parameters of the process and the different thickness of diffusion layer were obtained. The carburized layers were shot peened and the time of exposition of shot peened surface was a changing ratio. Value and distribution of residual stresses in carburized layers, carburized and shot peened ones and the fatigue characteristic of chosen parameters were determined. It was proved that improve of fatigue behaviour is the result of changes of value and distribution of residual stresses caused by shot peening and structural changes in diffusion layer in result of shot peening. The results of investigations of structural changes, observed by the electron microscope, are enclosed.

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