A Comparison of the Effect of Peening Using Cut Wire and Cast Steel Shot on Fatigue Performance of 7010-T7651 Aluminium Alloy

Author:  Peter Edwards
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-6, (p.154-165)
Doc ID:  1996062
Year of Publication:  1996
Cut wire shot offers a significantly longer media life than cast steel shot which may therefore offer a cost advantage. Because of its tighter size sidtribution, cut wire shot could produce a more consistent depth of compression, which may be reflected in an improved fatigue performance. In order to evaluate the potential of conditioned cut wire as an alternative to cast steel shot, rotating bending test specimens in 7010-T7651 were shot peened with each media to normal production intensity and fatigue tested under the same conditions. The use of conditined cut wire shot did not show any significant improvement in the fatigue performance of typical airbus spar/rib material. Evaluation of peening with an improved conditining standard of cut wire (SCCW) showed a significant improvement in fatigue performance compared to the baseline cast steel test specimens peened under the same conditions.

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