The Deformation Affected Non Stationary Diffusion

Author:  B Bozek, M Danielewski, K Holly
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-7 (pg 283-289)
Doc ID:  1999039
Year of Publication:  1999
Today's dynamic simulations of mass transport processes are powerful and widely used, e.g. by the space industry and in the advanced control systems on modern plants. Yet, we still make little use of dynamic modeling of complex thermochemical processes. Apparently, there is a growing demand for the more advanced modeling of the real, practical problems such as the threedimensional flow fields and multi phase flows. Despite their close relevancy to numerous technologies they are relatively little known. such processes are common and are ewidely used, e.g., in metal and ceramic industry, to form and/or finish various elements that may later undergo the thermal and/or ageing treatments. Modelling of the flow in such processes represents several major challenges since the flow is inherently transient, includes a free surface and different forms of transport, e.g., diffusion. This work will show the simulation of such complex mass transport process namely, the deformation (flow) of high viscosity compressible phase in forming unit or as a result of impact. The mathematical model of the process allows to examine the effects of the nonuniform distribution of the diffusing element at the external boundaries, the geometry and the influence of flow rate. An obvious simplification is an assumption that phase is compressible land amorphous, i.e., the Newtonian compressible fluid.

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