Influence of Shot Peening on the Fatigue Resistance of Sulfuric Anodized AA 7175-T74

Author:  H.J. C. Voorwald, T. A. Minto, M. Y. Pitanga, M. C. Fonseca
Source:  Conf Proc 2014: ICSP-12 Goslar, Germany (pgs.119-123)
Doc ID:  2014061
Year of Publication:  2014
This study evaluates sulfuric anodizing influence on the axial fatigue strength of Al 7175-T74 aluminum alloy, applied on landing gears. Anodizing decreases fatigue resistance by inducing tensile residual stresses on the material surface and by cracks generated during anodizing process. Axial fatigue SxN curves were performed at stress ratio R= 0.1, with and without sulfuric anodizing. The shot peening process was used to increase fatigue resistance.

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