Machine Profiling— A Guide

Author:  Kumar Balan | Engineer | Empire Abrasive Equipment
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 30, Issue 4, Fall 2016
Doc ID:  2016035
Year of Publication:  2016
Until a decade or so ago, the term “profile” was commonly used in reference to angles, channels and other formed sections. That’s changed now! My know-it-all friend Google now informs me that the average internet user has created at least five “profiles” on social media. A profile presents a detailed and sometimes vivid description of oneself! What if we take this concept and apply it to our ever-evolving machines in the blast cleaning and shot peening world? Why, you may ask? Your machine was purchased for a specific application, but this will likely change over its life. Creating a machine profile will help us better understand its capabilities and, more importantly, its limitations. If your curious mind is questioning the legitimacy of this term in our industry, you’re probably justified. It doesn’t exist in a formal capacity, though one does come across highly organized users of equipment making attempts at creating a profile. This discussion is an endeavor to do just that!

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