Fred Blackman Celebrates 50 Years with Peening Technologies

Author:  Sheri Beach | Peening Technologies
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 31, Issue 2, Spring 2017
Doc ID:  2017015
Year of Publication:  2017
In the Shot Peening Business,only a handful of things have lasted for 50 years: Almen strips, Almen gages, Almen blocks—and Fred Blackman. Peening Technologies of Connecticut employee Wilfred “Fred” Blackman marked a major milestone this year, celebrating 50 years with the company. A native of St. Philip, Barbados, he began working at Peening Technologies, known then as Hydro-Honing Laboratories, in 1967. He had come to Hartford, Connecticut because his sister lived there, and just two weeks after arriving landed a job with the fledgling company. Blackman was one of the first employees in Hydro-Honing Laboratories’South Windsor location, liked the job, and decided to stay. He became a US citizen in 1981 and now resides in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

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