Precision Laser Peen Forming of Challenging Shapes for Aerospace and Marine Applications

Author:  Lloyd Hackel , Jon Rankin, Jack Rybak
Source:  ICSP-13
Doc ID:  2017134
Year of Publication:  2017
Abstract: Precision forming of components, including panels and structures, are of interest for aerospace and marine applications. Panels that do not match required shapes are often pulled down on to the structure thereby developing undesired tensile stress that can lead to fatigue and corrosion failure. An area of interest to shipyards is the fabrication in metal structure of complex shapes associated with modern ship design such as bulbous bows and skegs. Panels used to construct these and other structures can significantly benefit from precision forming of relatively thick steel or aluminum plate to complex shapes. This work is currently done at shipyards in a time consuming activity with limited precision thereby requiring significant hand fitting and flame shaping. However, laser peening as an advanced approach, can form these thick metal sections with high precision and repeatability saving time and expense in the shipyard. In this work we demonstrate the forming of a skeg panel of dimensions 2 meters by 2 meters by 15 mm thickness in Aluminum 5083

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