Amusement Park Ride Prompts Finishing Process Concept

Author:  The Shot Peener Staff
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 31, Issue 4, Fall 2017
Doc ID:  2017147
Year of Publication:  2017
WALTHER TROWAL developed the new M-TMD drag finisher line for processing work pieces requiring perfect surface finishes. The work pieces, mounted to rotating satellite stations, undergo multiple overlapping, pre-programmed, rotational movements. This rotational variation produces optimum finishing results. Typical work piece examples from the medical engineering industry are hip and knee implants requiring a high gloss polish. In the aerospace industry, turbine blades and other components must receive a first-class finish with precise edge radiusing and very smooth surfaces. Examples from the automotive industry include the vanes of turbo chargers, which must not be nicked or damaged during the finishing process.

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